Why is Sat-sandarbha very dear to Vaishnavas?

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

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– Why is Sat-sandarbha very dear to the Vaishnavas?

– Sri Rupa and Sanatana are adorned by the members of the Visva-Vaishnava Raja-sabha and are followers of Sri Krsna Caitanyadeva, who incarnated to purify the people of Kali-yuga and award them the ultimate goal of life.

Under the guidance of Sri Rupa and Sanatana, Sri Jiva Goswami composed this great work, the Sandarbhas.

We do not have the ability to describe the glories of this work, which is divided into 6 parts. The 1st part is called Tattva-sandarbha, the 2nd part Bhagavat-sandarbha, 3rd part Paramatma-sandarbha, 4th part Krsna-sandarbha, 5th part Bhakti-sandarbha, and the 6th part Priti-sandarbha. All the conclusions and thoughts of the Vaishnava sampradaya are found in this work. (Sajjana-toshani 10/12)

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Harih Om Tat Sat.

Natural Brotherhood (Bhaktivinoda Thakura):

BhaktiVinoda Thakura

"Gradually, when the offensive portions of the established religions are destroyed, there will be no more differences in the bhajana performed by the various Sampradayas nor any quarrel between them.

Then as brothers, the people of all castes and countries will spontaneously chant the Holy Names of the Supreme Lord together.

At that time, no one will hate anyone or consider others dogeaters; nor will anyone be overwhelmed by the pride of high birth.

The living entities will not forget the principle of natural brotherhood."

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